Learn the Basics Before Lighting Your First Bowl

Learn the Basics Before Lighting Your First Bowl

You may not know how to pack and light your first bowl of cannabis if you’ve never done it before. If you want to do it right the first time, here are some rules to live by:

Get the stuff you need

First things first, get yourself some cannabis and a bowl designed for smoking it. Glass bowls, the preferred choice of most smokers, may be purchased at Altitude Dispensary, widely regarded as Denver’s best dispensary. You’ll also need a lighter if you plan on lighting the weed on fire, but that’s not your only option. While hemp wick is favored by many, it might be more difficult for novice candlemakers to get the hang of it. Here are the Best Ways to Pack a Bowl here.

Weed has to be smashed up

It is important to properly crumble the weed before dumping it into the bowl, so you should get started on that right away. You may use a grinder or tear it apart by hand to reduce the size of the cannabis buds. Both approaches do the job well. Make sure that no two pieces are drastically different in size and try to avoid making any of them overly small. Here are several alternatives to using a grinder if you don’t have one:

Put everything in the dish

To smoke cannabis, you must first put it into a bowl once it has been prepared. The marijuana at the bottom of the bowl should be packed loosely, while the marijuana at the top of the bowl should be packed more tightly. If you pack the cannabis in the bowl’s bottom too firmly, the pipe may become clogged and you’ll have to empty the bowl before you can clean it. You may need to repack the marijuana at the top of the bowl if it was packed too loosely, preventing you from getting a good hit.

Inhale deeply

For Best Ways to Pack a Bowl you need to have the right choice. Packing the bowl is the first step in lighting up and enjoying a smoke. Pipe smoking etiquette calls for a firm grasp on the pipe and a firm placement of the smoker’s lips on the pipe’s mouthpiece. See if you can find a carb, which resembles a little hole, on the side of the bowl. It’s important to check the pipe’s carb (some models don’t have one) and position your thumb over it before lighting up. Then, light the marijuana and inhale deeply as the smoke travels down the pipe. Once you’ve finished taking a deep breath in, release the carb so that the air in the pipe may escape as quickly as possible.

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